Plymouth, MA

all images © Emily L. Ferguson

Whispering Pines cabin
Bog shrub reflection
2 Mishoon at Plimoth
A summer cabin on inland pond
Flooded bog, Manomet
Two mishoon greet visitors at Plimoth Plantation
Ply. Hbr in winter
weathervane at sunset
Rock in cage
Plymouth Harbor from the rock
Weathervane at the Mayflower
Plymouth Rock
Mayflower with sallops
Massasoit statue
Hobbamock's campsite
The Mayflower with two sallops at its side
Massasoit, chief of the Wampanoag tribe
Hobbamock's campsite, Plimoth Plantation
snowy woods
plantation ladies
Plimoth Plantation chicken
deep winter woods
pilgrim ladies
Plantation chicken