Pine Island Pond from Angelica Avenue

all images © Emily L. Ferguson


Cold out here in the winter

Fall creek

Creek on the way to Angelica Point

winter sunset

winter sunset at the mouth of the harbor

Shaw's Cove

Town dock

Brandt Island

Ned's Point light

Ned's Point Light at dawn

winter creek

The creek in winter

winter marsh

high tide in late winter

The oak tree

On Eel Pond

Winter Sunset on Angelica Ave.

sunset light

Ned's Point at sunset

dripping lamp

Water street lamp sheds snow

Salty's eye

the eye!

By Edey & Duff on Aucoot Cove

Pink winter sunset

The band shell in winter

Ned's Point Light

Ned's Point light expires!

Brandt Island in snow

Snowy at Brandt Island

rain at town landing

Pouring at the landing


Querelous swans

Munn land

Beautiful Munn land

adirondak chairs

Off Hollywood Road

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