The Ally Foundation, created in 2002 in honor of Alexandra Nicole Zapp by her family and co-workers at US Sailing, launched an annual PHRF regatta out of Courageous Sailing Club in Charlestown, MA.

I was fortunate to be able to sail on Escape, a Swan 53 based in Boston, skippered by Steve Woolfson. I hope you enjoy this selection of the shoot.


all images © Emily L. Ferguson

Steve etc.
Zack in kit

the crew prepares to meet the committee boat

Zack shows off his kit
Brooke throws
Brooke catches
Bully goes for pink this time
Brooke launches a balloon
and catches one!
swirled chute
trim with egg beater
Zack watches
finally we get the chute up
trimming the chute on the jibe
Zack trims the main on the reach
Matt hurries with the jib sheet
the long close reach to the far mark
Steve shows off his technique