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all images © Emily L. Ferguson

Barnstable hosted the Leo this year with skill and gusto. The tide was a trip and the weather was fair throughout. The food was spectacular and all the energy really kept us going all weekend. What a joy it was to see how many kids they had crewing, too!

uncle neice
mark 1
mark 2
Hog Island carried on in the shadow of
Sloat's departure during the winter. Chapoquoit is such a beautiful place to
gather on Sundays in the fall and Sloat's
son, Tom, brought along Sloat's beautiful starting cannon for the tea. We welcomed Tim as he arrived from Wild Harbor and
then set the cannon off again to acknow-ledge the master skills of the season
winner - Jane Kirk O'Connor.

The Post Thanksgiving match race arrived
to discover an inch of ice all over peaceful, protected Squeteague. John York broke through it with his dory to run the skippers meeting and Tim and Mark called on the services of a 420 jib to get Mole Minder
there from Wild Harbor.

Better wind was just outside, in Megansett,
so we moved the races out there. Chal-
lenger hadn't exactly been in the water
much this year, so pumping was a big
feature of the day!

Beetle with jib
John list
running home