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all images © Emily L. Ferguson


Well, it was that sort of morning - when the clock and the tide said "hurry, hurry" and the wind said "jeez, I'm just waking up, gimme a break, will ya!".


So we waited. Some of us even set anchor to wait. The younger ones could be heard across the bay singing camp songs, too.

quiet morning
waiting for wind
Some wait more colorfully than others...
Kathy & Mark


Finally the tiniest bit of wind appeared and a course was set and we were able to drift with purpose.
Mark Fallon gets the picture
Another set of Clapps!
Start 1
Kanos up front
race 1, leeward rounding
Start 1 was pretty staggered
Kanos leading at the offset mark
many converged on the leeward mark at once


By the second race actual puffs were appearing from time to time and revealing who the skillful sailors were.

start of 2nd race
By race 3 Kathy Fallon was warming up to Boysey and Lulu's position.
Start 2 was even more staggered
Start 3
Kathy & Mark
Final finish
Start 3 was the most untidy of all
Fallons ahead of Lulu
But Boysey crossed first anyway