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all images © Emily L. Ferguson

This was the 2nd year that I got to a Leo and it was in Bass River. Everyone sailed down the river to Nantucket Sound and out into the sound to race along the shoreline. Lots of folks came from Wild Harbor, and there was a great turnout from West Dennis and Bass River, too. Between Ladybug, C # and Winsome, it was a colorful bunch.

In the fall I started spending Sunday mornings in West Falmouth at Sloat's wonderful Hog Island series.

One day I dropped by the shop in S. Dartmouth and saw the boats stacked up for the winter!

3 beetles
Chasing ladybug
Ladybug & C#
Les's wonderful sail
Hog Island run
Peter beats his father finally
C# of West Dennis
Running down to Big Pier
Peter Kirk sees a win
On to the Next
Very, and she does!
Winter Storage